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Crash Party by Asador Entertainment is an Arcade Game that tries to simulate the feeling of being helplessly drunk at a party, to the point that you cannot help but spread chaos all around and make everyone else have a bad time!


Your main objective on the game is to create as much chaos and get as drunk as possible in order to reach a high score, while keeping an eye every moment on your balance and "drunk meter", losing your balance will mean in your character falling an losing a few seconds of progress, but being completely dry will make you lose the game!


We are a 3 man indie team from the northeast of Mexico (in the states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas). We started work  on crash party in February 2019 and worked on developing the game on our free time for almost 16 months. All three of us are familiar with the cultures of Mexico-USA and how can they blend in to create a new subculture, and that's how the game started being created.

We are currently working on the mobile version of the game, to be released on the google play store, we are aiming for a late June 2020 release.


Game Developed by the Asador Entertainment team as follows:

Cristo Yael Ortegón (https://twitter.com/devYaeloso) - Producer/Designer

Jesús Iván Rubio (https://twitter.com/Chuyoiva) - Lead Programmer

Jesús Roberto Gonzalez (https://twitter.com/GoanzalezJesus) - Artist/Designer


Crash Party Press Kit.zip 164 MB

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